Bay Area Podcast – January 2008

Written by ZimodeMaster

Topics: Bay Area Podcast

Yeah it’s the End of January 2008 a brand new year with rain.. Yes I must say I did predict a wet winter, but holy smoley not like this..

  • Walk’n in Marin county (man those people are friendly.. hey watch out for Shiba)
  • Big Winter storm – ya got to have a generator
  • Wave at me at the Mavericks (2nd time is the charm)
  • New Laptop?@!! HP vs Best Buy (asta la Vista.. back to XP)
  • Football madness.. yes we ate a block of cheese!
  • Is it here yet.. Coffee Machine HEAVEN
  • Yosemite in the snow.. ( Hey I got snow boots..)
  • Movie update..
  • January 2008 The Movie
  • Photos of this podcast

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