Jeez – My owners just don’t learn, don’t touch that knob!

Written by ZimodeMaster

Topics: Sammy's Blog

The last couple of days or should I say daze, my owners are just really flipping out. They are just going to door and turning around and coming back. But now they’re doing many times a day, like they just forgot they just did it. Also they act like I don’t know what is going on.. They’re just trying to trick me.. giving me this great treat, a cow’s hoof. I never seen one up close, but I got to admit I like to lick their feet, if I ever meet one. So they keep on waiting for this amazing transformation to take place, cuz they’re giving these pills. Huh, they do nothing, I can eat them like popcorn, so I say keep giving me the hoof. Anyway, I’m happy as a clam as they’re really taking me for long walks and pretty much I have them eating out of my paw..


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