Moles are my passion..

Written by ZimodeMaster

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Hey everyone, just want you to know that I just love finding moles in the front yard! Not only our yard any place, I’ll dig and dig until I can stick my head in the ground. I love it! But anyway that’s another story. So, my owners took me to another doggie vet, as I guess I needed it. So there I was in a little room with Dr Wagel, he’s got really nice energy and warm hands. So he’s giving me a once over and then says to my owners that I got a ‘foxtail’ in my ear.. at least that what I thought he said.. So I guess it was way down there, next to my ear drum. So the Doctor was saying I might have to be sedated, since it was really deep and they said if I move around they might puncture my ear. I gave my owner a look like I’ll be good, don’t put me under, cuz ya never know. Anyway the put this cone way down in my ear and I kept really still and bingo bango they just pulled that sucker out. Now I’m not scratching my ear as much.. Then they celebrated by giving me 4 shots..

Anyway that was yesterday.. Today the big white truck came by and delivered my meds..whatever that means.. So I overheard that they are starting to give them to me tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to mention on they gave me something called ‘valium’, it made me a little drowsy after about an hour and then I snoozed for about 15 min and I was up and just happy as a clam.


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