I’m a dog..not Sherlock Holmes!

Written by ZimodeMaster

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Ok, I get it, it’s raining outside, but I like the rain.. But nooooo, they make me wear this thing..cuz I guess it’s easier for them to dry me off.. but it really makes me feel, well less then the wild dog that I really am.

Anyway, they take me out for my regular walkie and then bring me in.. then an hour later guess what? Well I’ll tell you what.. they’re doing it again.. no not that.. the putting on the shoes and going to the door thing.. Yep several times, each time I get up and go with them only to see them turn around and sit back down where they keep the food.

It’s getting worse, now they’re turning the lock..to open the door.. I know it as my ears perk up.. but nada, nothing happens.. I think I got really dumb owners..


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