What were they thinking?

Written by ZimodeMaster

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Jeez, these guy’s are really funny! Get this they decided I needed to go to a obedience class. Like I need training.. So they take to this class to get me to ‘listen’?!! Say what? That’s what I said.. I know how to sit and lie down, I do it all the time.. Sure they tried to bribe me and of course I accepted.. so when I was in the class I pretty much “owned it”, yep I definitely got it.. But that’s there and now were back the ‘crib’ chillin out and I say class? Yeah I got class..

So after awhile they decided that the first class wasn’t working too good.. like it’s my fault or something.. Get this they enrolled me in something called “Diva’s & Drama Queens” and yes it was in San Francisco.. Well I almost dumped a load right then & there.. but I was cool, I met a nice chick called Lisa, who really connected with me.. She was great, but I must admit she had me at “Sit”..

I think this class really worked for me.. First of all I get way more treats, for just just looking at them.. How easy is that.. They thought I afraid of the ‘clicker’, so now I got them making a ‘clucking sound’ right before they give a treat.. isn’t that just the ‘best’!!

Anyway, I gained ten pounds and I get fed when I’m on walks.. All I have to do is ‘whimper’ at truck or another dog and whammo the ‘cluck’ comes out followed by a nice treat… life is great..


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