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Ok.. here’s my story.. I was pup in Bakersfield CA and something happened, I don’t know what.. But all of the sudden I was on the streets. Who knows how long I was on my own, cuz I really don’t have any conception of time. Anyway, I was picked up by this large truck and put in a place with lot’s of screaming dogs.. I couldn’t even tell you how I felt, but I really didn’t like that place. So after a while they moved me up to Sacramento, cuz a nice lady overheard that I was going to be ‘put down’, whatever that means.. She placed in the care of Nancy, who kept me for awhile, again I’m not too sure cuz the time thing. Eventually these two people came up to visit and took me to their home. I was a tad scared, cuz the guy had grey hair, I can make out the grey color.. I have a hard time with red tough. Also, there was this cute girl with him, who I instantly knew was the smarter of the two.

So now I’m responsible for them and they need a lot of training as I really don’t like to be left alone. I guess it’s because of my upbringing. Who really knows.. but every time they try to leave me I howl and they just come back.. I guess the howling works..

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