Bay Area Podcast – June 2009

Written by ZimodeMaster

Topics: Bay Area Podcast

June swoon.. Yes we are testing stuff out and I must say things are really coming together. As we slowly get our ducks in a row, we have come to the realization that heck, we may know what we’re doing!

  • Shiba, the Great Escape ( I think she’s been scheming for years)
  • A play date (oooo aaaa it’s Chuck & Steph)
  • GPS system ( talk to me!!)
  • Hooking up the B-up Camera ( I think I may be getting better)
  • What the heck is going on (GPS you get what you pay for)
  • Must have power (yes a generator for the road!)
  • Tahoe Trip ( The pairing!!.)
  • We dig the F150 (..whoa it’s like night & day..)
  • We got the hang of it now ..( Lulu and parking in the pad)
  • GPS redeux (much better)
  • Custom Truck is the place to go ( talk to Vito!!)
  • Movie Update..
  • Photos of of this Podcast

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