Bay Area Podcast – May 2009

Written by ZimodeMaster

Topics: Bay Area Podcast

Okie Dokie.. It’s time to feed the economy and we’re just the people to do it!! Heck.. when the times are tough the tough get the heck out of Dodge. Ok.. not really out of Dodge (unless you’re a car dealership), but just a couple of tiny trips and of course some other stuff

  • Ooooo my aching back (hey.. what do those little pills do?)
  • Yosemite in May ( yes the annual annual..)
  • Hmmm.. let’s go to Point Reyes ( a great place to camp just minutes away..)
  • Ok.. it’s time to check out Trucks!! (is that a short bed or you you’re just happy to see us)
  • Serramonte Ford (wait.. let me check on that for you.. they really were bad!)
  • Sunnyvale Ford ( the best experience!.)
  • Please let there be space..
  • Movie Update..
  • Photos of of this Podcast

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