Bay Area Podcast – July 2011

It was a Great Trip the weather held up and we were very happy in how the RV performed. This was the longest we stayed in it and it didn’t seem cramped or too small. It was very easy to get around even in the city. Once we understood the best way to drive it even got better!

  • Heading north, who’s driving
  • We love the Oregon Coast Trail (oooo ahhh)
  • Vancouver Island (even more oooo ahhhh)
  • Beaches Galore (sounds like a Bond girl!)
  • How many pictures can you take?
  • Photos of of this Podcast

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Bay Area Podcast – April/May 2011

  • Yes again we’re late.. (and it’s even later, like 11:00PM)
  • A couple of quick trips
  • A new fence for Sammy (FencePro did a great job!)
  • Our dog trainer wanted us to track Sammy’s progress.. (hence the Sammy’s Blog )
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Bay Area Podcast – March 2011

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Bay Area Podcast

It’s been a long time, and we been very busy. So, we thought we should take a moment to get back on that “Podcast Horse”. We’re a tad rusty, but what the heck. Here’s a quick re-cap of what the heck we been doing the last 5 months.

  • Here’s Sammy and he’s quite the looker
  • The next RV, (we hope anyway..please let this one stick!!)
  • Half Moon Bay (shake down trip)
  • The investment that has taken up most of our last 3 months

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Bay Area Podcast – August 2010

August was a tough month as we said goodbye to Shiba and needed some time to adjust to the loss of her presence. We are doing better and even took a trip to central coast.

  • Shiba – harder than what we thought
  • Morro Bay, Pismo Beach & Santa Barbara
  • Somebody’s older
  • Our Truck
  • Our Trailer
  • Photos of of this Podcast
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